Auria is an online-based fashion boutique that offers high quality Bandage dresses, tops, skirts & shorts for women. With the nature of Bandage silhouette which honors to accentuate a woman’s body, we believe our products can highlight all woman's’ best assets to give them the confidence to be comfortable in their own skin and help them identify all their beautiful curves. Through our products, we aim to encourage our customers to be confident in embracing who they are as today’s modern women.


We made it a priority to design clothes that are on-trend and of good value. All Auria Bandage collection are made overseas.The bandage materials that we use are sourced carefully from our suppliers outside of Indonesia, and are manufactured with great care and precision by our factory partners.


Founded in January 2014, Auria has grown organically through the help of social media, endorsements and pop-ups bazaars. We grew from just Instagrammed-based online shop to launching our first website within the first 6 months of operation. The brand has also joined a few marketplaces to extend its market reach.


In addition, Auria recently introduced a new line call Auria Basics. The Basics collection focuses on offering affordable casual chic everyday wear for all women. The shapes and designs are greatly inspired by the idea of strong modern femininity and simplicity. Auria Basics pieces are sewn and made with love in Indonesia.

With the merge of two beautiful silhouette and aesthetic under one house, we want our customers to be able to find and marry their own take on fashion, style, versatility and most importantly self-love through our label.


And as for the tagline 'Confidence Is Sexy'? Let's face it, without confidence there is no sexy.



Audris & Astria




 Our collection is also available on our stockist's website at: